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Enrich the Journey through Womanhood with
Holistic Support for Body, Mind, and Soul.

Tapestry Wellness specializes in enriching the journey through womanhood by guiding you to deeper connection with your authentic self. My holistic approach provides support for body, mind, and soul, helping you weave your dreams into reality. With guidance to quiet the mind and relax the body, you can connect with your inner wisdom, unlocking unique gifts and understanding within you. The magic lies in discovering that you hold the key. I welcome women in all phases of life, and sessions are personalized to meet you wherever you are on your journey. 

♥ Fertility

♥ Pregnancy

♥ Mom & Baby

♥ Menopause

What Clients Are Saying

Laura holds a safe, compassionate, and powerful space in which women can access some of the intricacies, challenges, and mysteries that are present in the journey of self and motherhood. Without judgement, I was able to work with Laura as my guide in reconnecting with my deep inner self, and mend blocks I knew were present in the energy between my teenage daughter and me. It gave me a completely different perspective and heart space from which to approach my relationship. For anyone wanting to broaden her journey into self and see the ripple effects of that work in relationships, Laura will be a great gift to you. —M.Z.

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I absolutely adore working with Laura. She is an incredibly gifted practitioner. Pulling from her occupational therapy and energy medicine background, she is able to blend her knowledge and experience into an organic, tailored-for-you healing session interwoven with laughter and joyfulness. I am in the perimenopausal period of life and Laura has helped me with some physical ailments (a creaky knee, a sore elbow after a fall) as well as some emotional/mental stagnation. I would wholeheartedly recommend Laura for anyone, but particularly women going through transitional times in their lives. I have worked with many healers in my lifetime and Laura is one of the best. Her listening skills and intuition are top-notch. —R.T.

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