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Meet Laura

I’m a Licensed Occupational Therapist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dream Weaver, and Explorer of the Heart.

When I started out on the journey to Tapestry Wellness, I didn’t know where I was headed. An early emphasis on academic achievement led me to Brown University and then Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. Twenty-two years later, I had gained a broad range of occupational therapy clinical experience, including physical rehabilitation in outpatient and inpatient hospital settings, pain management at a myofascial release private practice, and home-based early intervention services.

I developed a large toolkit of activities and exercises to do with patients, but I much preferred to just sit and be fully present with them. It was in those moments that I learned the most. It also sparked my curiosity and helped me discover my passion for getting to the root of health challenges. This seemed to be the key to finding the most effective, efficient path to true, long-lasting healing, and was the beginning of my quest to further explore treatment approaches beyond the traditional OT framework. I completed a vast amount of continuing education, including certification in Somatic Experiencing and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, that led to my interest and expertise in supporting the nervous system, particularly for women’s health and wellness.

When doors leading to that focus started opening, I had a sense I was heading in the right direction. I jumped at the rare opportunity to take the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy Training being offered where I was living in Asheville, and taught by the founder Ray Castellino, a pioneer in the use of energetic and somatic approaches to heal our earliest life experiences. Also, when I began to consider relocating to Charlottesville, I attended a tai chi class where I serendipitously met the office manager of what was to be my new job in Early Intervention OT, coaching families with infants and toddlers.

I feel grateful to have followed this path to now have my own practice where I can fulfill my heart’s desire to support women on journeys of self-discovery, uncovering the magic that I believe we all have within us. Even more amazing is that I get to share the extraordinary intuitive abilities that bring out my curiosity and sense of wonder at the world. I also love that my interests in shamanic journeying, ancestral healing, and connecting with animals and nature can come through, as well as my wish to bring more play and laughter into my life.

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