Tapestry Wellness

 Laura J. Bodian


Enrich the Journey through Womanhood with
Holistic Support for Body, Mind, and Soul.


Whatever may be arising for you in the time leading up to, during, or after menopause, my intention is to help make this transition as smooth as possible. I will be your witness and guide, ensuring that you feel seen, heard, and nurtured as we embark on your healing journey together. With support to gain clarity, strength, and energy, you can move through the many mind-body changes of this transformational period with confidence and ease.

Life also becomes magical as these transformations awaken your spirit. Hormonal fluctuations spark creative energy and new yearnings that can be cultivated to discover your passions, and have the potential to profoundly change how you show up for yourself and the world. I help you find the freedom and courage to step more fully into your power, speak your truth, and embrace the wise woman within you.

Tapestry Wellness personalizes each session to meet your individual needs, addressing concerns such as:

  • Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats
  • Menstrual Cycle Irregularities, Vaginal Dryness, Decreased Libido
  • Urinary Leakage, Urgency, and Increased Frequency
  • Aches and Pains
  • Disrupted Sleep, Low Energy, Irritability
  • Brain Fog and Forgetfulness
  • Grief and Loneliness
  • Concerns about Aging
  • Uncertainty about Sense of Self and Life Purpose

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