Tapestry Wellness

 Laura J. Bodian


Enrich the Journey through Womanhood with
Holistic Support for Body, Mind, and Soul.


A Magical Time

I invite you into a safe, sacred space where you will be met with healing hands, a big heart, and the expertise to help you and your baby grow comfortably together on your pregnancy journey. We will explore and discover what best meets your needs so you can be confident and at ease in body, mind, and spirit, and feel prepared for birth and life with a newborn.


  • RELIEVING pain and discomfort associated with tension in low back, neck, and shoulders, swelling and inflammation in hands and wrists, headaches and migraines, restless legs, digestive issues, sensitivity in gums and teeth
  • BALANCING closely linked endocrine and nervous system functions, such as blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar and hormone levels
  • PROMOTING deep relaxation, improved quality of sleep, and increased energy
  • STRENGTHENING immune system function


  • DEVELOPING trust in your intuition to help make decisions based on what feels right and true for you and your baby
  • INTEGRATING emotions, UPDATING thought patterns and beliefs, and RELEASING constriction associated with memories of challenging experiences held in the body
  • EASING concerns about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and motherhood
  • SUPPORTING you to feel calm, centered, and connected with yourself and your baby on this magical journey

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